YouTube Sensations Part 1: Michelle Phan

Thirteen year old girls … How else do I describe us without using the words wifi, obsessed, and Internet? Don’t get us wrong, though. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are not our only sources of entertainment. Personally, interacting with total strangers over the Internet does get boring after a while. That’s why I turn to YouTube. You see, YouTube provides access to DIY tutorials, beauty tutorials, and surprisingly good advice.
Take beauty guru and businesswoman Michelle Phan for instance. Phan started out small, filming makeup tutorials in her bathroom. Since then, she has become an international YouTube sensation. This, in part, is due to her AMAZING tutorials. Her videos are simple, but elegant and feature sophisticated music and easy to follow instructions. I believe that her sweet personality is also a huge part of it. Phan, in my opinion, is inspirational, artistic, and motivated. She went from simple beauty tutorials to actually running a company, called ‘Ipsy.’
I think that Michelle Phan is definitely someone to look up to. She believes in giving her viewers the confidence to be themselves and encourages girls to enhance their natural beauty, not hide it. If you are looking for fashion advice, beauty tutorials, and inspiration, I suggest that you subscribe to Michelle Phan.



Penguins, Not Pianos

This is the problem with eBay – no matter how credible something looks, there’s always a chance that you will get stabbed in the back. I have this person, whoever they may be, my trust. I counted on them to send me the right iPod case, thinking that I’d actually get it. Apparently, they had other ideas.
Let’s start from the beginning: Picture me sitting on my couch, a blanket draped over my legs. The eBay app is open, bright iPod cases popping out at me. I have been scrolling for.. Maybe an hour, trying to find a good deal and a good, silicone case.
As boring as it is, I am determined to find the perfect case. One thing you should know about me is that I am extremely clumsy. Not only am I prone to bumping into sharp corners and knocking over delicate objects, I also have the annoying habit of dropping my iPod. So, you can understand why I might want to find something that could hopefully save my iPod from falling and, finally, breaking.
Anyways, back to the couch. I eventually found the perfect case. It was a pink penguin – perfect for me, because I love pink and penguins. Oh, did I mention that it was only three dollars.
So, expecting it to arrive in maybe three weeks, I ordered it. Three weeks passed by surprisingly fast aaannddd… no case. I figured that it was probably going to be a little late. Two weeks later and it still wasn’t here. Finally, several weeks after I ordered it, the case arrived.
You can imagine my irritation at having to wait so long. I could barely even contain my excitement when it arrived. That’s a lie. I could barely muster up any excitement at finally seeing my package.
As if to add insult to injury, it was the wrong case. The case that I received is a pink piano. Piano! In what world do people mistake penguins for pianos!
Do you know what I felt when I saw that? A dull, far off irritation and just a sense of defeat. What would raging about it do to help me? Honestly, I can’t even say that I’m surprised.
Anyways, I need to go fix this. Don’t worry, I don’t bite. Don’t hesitate to press that follow button :*

Sugar, Vanilla, and Everything Nice

One thing you should know about fourteen year old girls is our love for cupcakes. Although at times we may seem like lazy, Twitter-obsessed lumps (which we are), we do have a productive bone in our body. How else are we supposed to do our nails and scout for sales?
Anyways, baking just happens to be one of my hobbies and a pastime for teen girls. Especially, cupcakes and mug cakes. But we’ll focus on the cupcakes for now 😉
As usual, I was tweeting when I got the sudden urge to bake. Yes, I know, random. So I searched up a recipe for vanilla cupcakes and found this recipe.
Surprisingly, it turned out pretty good, if not a little too sweet. Still, pretty good for a lazy, Twitter-obsessed lump right?
Alright, I’m pretty sure that most of you came here to find a recipe so, I’m honestly very sorry for wasting your time (no, I’m not.) If you did find this enjoyable, don’t hesitate to follow me 😉
And now, I bid you adieu :*


I am fourteen years old. One would think that by now, I would have mastered the art of going to bed without constantly wondering about monsters underneath my bed. One would be very wrong. Unfortunately, fourteen years is still not enough to squash the fear of the dark out of me. Thank God for my iPod. I am wholly dependent on technology.. What else do you expect from a fourteen year old girl?
Now, I’m rambling. Fear tends to do that to a person. Lets cross our fingers and hope that the creeper in my closet doesn’t get me tonight.
Sweet dreams :*